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Contemporary Artists Index (CAI) overview
The Contemporary Artists Index is a unique resource developed and maintained by the CIA Library staff. Look here for artists, artists groups, photographers, craftspeople, designers, and design firms whose work appears in select publications added to the CIA Library since 1991. It is especially helpful in finding material on emerging artists and designers. The index includes call numbers specific to CIA Library.

Contact a member of the library staff if you need help using this index.

How do I use the CAI?
The basic search: enter one artist’s name (first and/or last) in the search box and hit enter. You may also use the drop-down menu to limit your search to artist’s first name, last name, publication title, publisher/museum or date. With any luck, your search will result in a list of publications in the CIA Library.

From your results list you can click on an artist’s name to view all the publications in the CAI that include information about that artist. Click on a publication title to view all artists featured in that publication. This is especially helpful if you are looking for artists like your favorite artist or working within the same theme or style, because group exhibitions often include artists with a similar focus or type of work.

You can click on the call number link to see if the publication is on the shelf at the CIA Library or use the information provided to find the publication in another library or bookstore. Remember that the call numbers are specific to the CIA Library and your local library may use different call numbers.

Information included in the CAI
The results list shows artists’ names, titles, publisher (including museums and galleries), publication date, and call numbers specific to CIA Library (other libraries may use different call numbers).

CAI updates
Names and publications are continually added to the index and updates are made weekly.

Publications included in the CAI
The CAI includes group exhibition catalogs and select publications, including anthologies, collections of essays, critical studies, and interviews of contemporary artists, photographers, designers, craftspeople (including ceramics, glass, jewelry, metals, furniture, fiber, etc.) in print formats or DVDs.

Useful tips
  • Click on the artist’s name to see all publications that include that artist; click on the title to see all artists in a publication.
  • The search is limited to one artist’s name at a time.
  • If you are unsure of spelling, try entering at least the first few letters of a name (example: “Katch” because you never remember how to spell Katchadourian).
  • Too many results? Try refining your search by adding common keywords (or parts of words) to the artist’s name.